Travel Beauty Essentials Guide

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Top 10 Travel Beauty Essentials Guide

It's that time of year again; road trips, cruises, resorts and all types of summer getaway adventures! Traveling can be stressful not only for you, but your skin and body, too. It’s easy to find yourself unpacking at your beautiful beach bungalow and realize you forgot that one coveted item that you just don’t feel beautiful without. Don’t get caught not feeling confident miles away from home! That’s why we’ve put together this travel beauty essentials guide, so you know exactly what you’ll need while escaping your day- to-day routine.

1. Tinted Moisturizer
With the summer weather approaching us less is more! Swap your current foundation for a tinted moisturizer and let your skin breathe easier this season. Be sure it has SPF to protect that pretty face of yours as well.

2. Waterproof Mascara
To ensure that you don't have raccoon eyes during these hot summer months, opt for waterproof mascara. It will stay on lashes all day and even last through the water sports.

3. Lip & Cheek Stain
Swap your powder blush for a multitasking lip and cheek stain this summer. Stains are lighter on the skin and will give you that instant summer glow. Instead of packing lipstick, you can use a stain to ensure your pout is long lasting and kissable all day.

4. Eye Brow Gel
Since makeup is applied at a minimum during the summer heat, be sure to pay your brows some special attention. Keeping your brows bold is a great way to keep your overall look polished, even when you’re under the sun. If you weren't blessed with full brows, opt for a tinted brow gel to fill in any sparse hairs and keep everything in place.

5. Facial Cleanser
To wash off all of that makeup, sand, and sweat, be sure to bring your favorite cleanser (in a travel size bottle of course) to prevent any clogged pores. It's sometimes difficult to remember to take care of your skin when you're away from home, so buy a pack of portable bottles to fill with your favorite products.

6. Bronzing Body Oil
Don’t you just love the look of dewy skin in the summer months? So be sure to pack your favorite bronzing oil to glisten your skin. Make sure it contains SPF!

7. Leave-In Hair Conditioner
To ensure that your tresses don't dry out, be sure to add some leave-in conditioner to your damp hair. Not only will it keep your hair hydrated, but it will also tame down any frizzes that pop up with the heat.

8. Lip Balm
Your lips need some protection too! Be sure to pack a couple of your favorite lips balms that contain SPF to prevent sunburn and keep lips moist.

9. Nail Polish
You may not have time to get a manicure while on vacation. The mix of salt water, rough sands, and scorching hot temperatures makes nail polish even more prone to chipping. Be sure to bring your favorite nail polish to give yourself a touch-up whenever needed.

10. Summer Fragrance
Like most people, you may not even think twice about which perfume to pack for your getaway. Now that the season is changing, it's the perfect time to experiment with different fragrances! Opt for something crisp and clean or even citrus that will leave a pleasant aroma while you’re under the sun.

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