EMME Cosmetic and Toiletry Bags

EMME creates high-quality cosmetic and toiletry bags for travelers. Our lightweight and stylish travel bags for women and men are perfect for a weekend trip or an extended vacation. Sourced with the highest quality nylons and non-toxic plastics, our optimized design makes travel simple — going through security at the airport has never been easier!

The three-panel design allows you to clearly see where all your items reside, while at the same time keeping them fresh and clean - safe from exploded bottles. Two zip-out pockets provide the versatility to take along what you need where you need it. Just reattach at your destination to save space on the vanity and keep all your items in one place. 

Lightweight and compartmentalized, EMME makes it easy to take along all the cosmetics and toiletries you need for any journey. More than just a travel bag, EMME is a complete system to help you streamline your packing, save space, and eliminate clutter. Take it on your next trip and learn why savvy travelers never wander without EMME.