Our Story



Hi there!  Welcome and thank you for visiting!

My name is Emily Constantini, and I'm the creator and founder of EMME.  I created EMME because, as a frequent business traveler, I could not find a toiletry bag that fit my needs.  I wanted something chic, sophisticated, premium quality, stylish, and most importantly - compartmentalized with detachable features.  See, I'm a card-carrying optimizer.  I have mastered the art of getting through airport security with carry on luggage - minimizing the amount of time it takes to get through while maximizing the amount of items I can take with me.  Plus, when traveling as frequently as I do, you want to make life as easy as possible for yourself.  I could not find a bag that worked.  

I was always frustrated with toiletry bags that only had one large compartment designed to "catch all." I could never find anything, and when I did, it was usually somehow contaminated by other items in the pocket, or I stabbed myself with a nail file.  I wanted something with multiple pockets that were easy to see and allowed me to stay organized and fully stocked for each trip.

And so, EMME was born!   That was 4 years ago and we're so proud to have a beautiful and functional product made of the premium materials.  Now the EMME bag is available for purchase and currently enjoyed by so many of our valuable customers!  

Check out our "How To Use EMME" page for ideas on how you can take advantage of EMME's compartmentalized features.  

Anywhere that a customer needs to carry various loose items and needs a versatile solution to do so, the EMME bag is the perfect solution!  

Thank you again for checking out our website and product.  We'd love to hear from you on our social media pages and the reviews section of our website.  Of course, feel free to call or email us directly with any questions you may have.