About Us


EMME, LLC was founded by Emily Constantini.  Emily has been a frequent traveler for over 17 years, and when she couldn't find a toiletry bag that fit her needs, she decided to develop one.  EMME was born!  Now, customers all across the world are enjoying the benefits of having a versatile, functional and premium quality product that provides organization for a variety of scenarios!

EMME is incorporated in the state of California, and headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.  We currently offer 4 products - The Original EMME Bag, EMME Petite, Removable Pouch Accessory and a complete EMME Set.   

We have plans to develop more sophisticated, premium quality products designed for frequent travel.  We'd love to hear your opinion on what would make your life easier.  Feel free to email us any suggestions at jetsetter@emmebag.com.