Video Trips and Tricks


  • Use a Video Camera, a tablet or smartphone
  • Note that if the files are high resolution, they may be harder to upload.  High resolution files are not a requirement for video submission



  • If you can, have someone else shoot you in action so that they can move around and zoom in on you and the bag during the video
  • Tripods could be limiting, but if that's easier for you - great! 
  • A light colored background or wall is best for contrast.  It'll make it easier to see you and your EMME Bag
  • Don't worry about being perfect - just share with us how much you love your EMME Bag and how you're using it



  • Choose a well lit environment.
  • Daylight / natural light will give you more accurate color than incandescent light.
  • Do not shine light directly on yourself or the bag



  • Be sure to have your mike turned up and speak clearly.
  • Try not to speak too fast.



  • Introduce yourself!
  • Why you like your EMME Bag
  • How you found your EMME Bag
  • All the destinations you've taken your EMME Bag
  • If you shop at QVC, Ulta, Target, Costco, Brookstone or Sephora and wish you could find the bag there, please share that!
  • Aspects of the bag that work for you
    • Focus on the bag itself more than the contents,
    • How the design of the bag itself works for your needs
  • Your favorite EMME Bag Tip!



  • We are looking for no more than 60 seconds, so be brief—BUT we can edit if you run over


Need more help?  Email us at


Still need help?  Just text the video to 858-945-6592.  Be sure to tell us your name and what city you live in.