Vacation Planning Tips

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Vacation Planning Tips

Summer has finally arrived! It’s a great time for you to take a much-deserved vacation with your girlfriends or family. Planning your trip can be a tad overwhelming, but the key to having an amazing trip is research, timing, budgeting and travel method. When you take care of those tasks, you increase your chances of having an enjoyable vacation. Set your mind at ease and follow our quick and simple vacation planning tips.

Brainstorm vacation ideas. This is the funnest part of planning. Allow yourself to daydream and think of places you always wanted to explore. While you're dreaming and brainstorming, write down your favorite season, activities you want to do, people to visit, dates, and how you want to get to your destination.

Do tons of research. The key to a stress-free vacation is knowing as much as possible about your destination. The more you research the better you can plan and work on setting a budget. Try to find three or four potential itineraries that go with your desires and budget.

Set a budget. The sooner you determine your budget, the more money you can save. Consider adding travel costs to your budget for example, ticket fees, car rental, how much you want to spend on food and attraction entry fees. You might also need new clothes for where you’re going, a new camera, travel insurance and other expenses. Make a list of everything you need and want for your trip, so that you’re not surprised by fees/misc. expenses at the last minute.

Write out your options. Add to your notes all the info you found interesting while researching like possible activities to do while you’re there, places to stay, dates and times. Don’t rush to book your trip. Sleep on it and talk to your friends and family before making a decision. If you’re traveling with other people or a significant other share what you’ve learned. Give it time and the best option will present itself at the right moment. If it doesn't, do more research.

Time to book it! You made up your mind and know where your dream vacation is taking place. Well then book your vacation and make sure that your hotel reservation and transportation tickets are on the same day. Create a packing list based on your destination's weather and your preferred activities.

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